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Do you want to have more fun building web apps?

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Ruby Rails MasterView JRuby Three-day Interactive Training Workshop
Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center (website)
16625 Swingley Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
636-532-5000 Map and Directions (Google)
Parking at the hotel and conference center is free

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Why should I attend?

  • Do you want to increase your productivity building web applications?
  • Would you like to learn more about the hottest new development framework in the industry?
  • Would you like to keep ahead of your peers and bring fun back to web app development?
  • Have you thought about looking into Ruby on Rails but can't find the time or motivation on your own to really focus?
  • Do you want to jump past the learning phase and get down to business?
  • Do you want to learn Ruby on Rails from experienced professional developers?
  • Would you like to bring the productivity of Rails to your existing enterprise web applications?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is definitely for you. During the course of this workshop we will meet each of these goals and provide a solid foundation for Ruby on Rails including deployment using JRuby.

In attending this course you will learn / receive

  • A working knowledge of Ruby
  • A solid foundation of all the major features of Rails (including v1.2)
  • Secrets of productivity using Rails, tips, tricks of the trade
  • Working knowlege of MasterView and other key Rails plugins
  • Lessons learned in the trenches from good old experience
  • Knowledge of how to deploy Rails in an enterprise with existing apps using JRuby
  • The wisdom and ability to build web apps smartly and efficiently

Target audience for this workshop

This workshop is for web application developers and those interested in becoming developers (newbies) who want to be more productive and have more enjoyment building web apps. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced intermediate Rails developer who just wants to learn more, this course will build on what you have started. The material presented will also be informative for technical managers interested in understanding how everything works.

  • For complete beginners to web development and/or Rails, during the course of this event you will learn to design and create your first fully functional web application using Ruby on Rails. It is not necessary to have programming experience to benefit from this course, just an open mind and a desire to learn.
  • For those that have used Ruby/Rails before, you will gain a fuller understanding of Rails including the features of 1.2, and you will learn ways to be more productive.
  • If you are a solid Java developer, you will learn how to leverage Rails along side your enterprise java code and have fun building web apps again. Improve your turn around time. Keep ahead of the industry.
  • If you have programming experience (in any language) then you will learn how to increase your productivity and enjoyment in developing web applications with Rails.

It is not necessary to be familiar with Ruby, Rails, or any other technology discussed here, we will cover the necessary basics to get you up to speed quickly. Likewise, with the breadth of this course, we believe that even knowledgable Rails developers will add to their own foundation as techniques are discussed in this workshop.

What is Ruby on Rails? What is JRuby?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that is designed to make development enjoyable and to bring about real sustainable productivity. Ruby on Rails runs on all platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, BSD). JRuby brings Ruby to the Java virtual machine.

Three-day interactive training workshop

Doubletree exterior This comprehensive 3-day interactive course focusses directly on how to build bulletproof, full featured, test driven web applications using Ruby on Rails. In addition, you'll also learn how to deploy Rails in an enterprise Java environment using JRuby so you can start leveraging the productivity of Rails in your existing Java web applications today. This course will launch you into a world of new productivity and enjoyment in developing with Ruby on Rails. Through out this workshop your instructors will share their own real world experience in building web applications including design aspects and effective use of MasterView.

  • Solid foundation of Ruby on Rails
  • Enterprise deployment using JRuby
  • MasterView design and effective use

Doubletree classroom Doubletree restaurant


Jeff Barczewski Jeff Barczewski Jeff Barczewski and Mike Sullivan will be your mentors for the workshop. Jeff and Mike are professional developers with a passion to share their knowledge with others like you. They have learned the power and challenges of Rails during development, one line of code at a time. This is a course taught by developers for developers. Jeff is the founder and co-developer of the MasterView Template engine project. More about Jeff and Mike

Included with the event

  • Breakfast and buffet lunch each day
  • Beverages and snacks throughout the day
  • Our presented materials and example code
  • Parking is free at the hotel and conference center

Schedule and agenda

Workshop hours: 9am - 5pm each day. (Breakfast and check-in begins at 8am)
Friday night we will have an optional social/networking event over dinner for those that would like to kick back for some lively discussions and conversation.


This agenda is subject to change based on the class pace, needs, and flow. Since each workshop is interactively tailored to its students, this agenda is more of an intended guideline for what will be covered each day. Expect some items to shift between days.

As part of this workshop, you will learn to design and build a web application effectively with Ruby on Rails. This will be a hands-on workshop where we will actively work through live examples and code.


  • Installation/environment resolution (insuring everyone has working development platform)
  • Refresher course on Ruby
  • Overview of Rails and MVC (model, view, controller), project structure
  • Test driven development - writing and using tests throughout development
  • Controller development in Rails - handling data and preparing for views


  • Views in Rails (ActionView) - ERB, rxml, other template engines like MasterView
  • View components (layouts, partials, components, helpers)
  • Migrations - using rails to assist in creating and maintaining the database
  • Models and Active Record - Rails powerful object to relational mapping
  • Validations - adding validations to your models
  • Session management
  • Configuration (routes, environment settings)

Friday night - Optional social/networking dinner and beverages


  • Authentication - discussion of various methods including acts as authenticated
  • Performance enhancements (caching, database optimization)
  • Web 2.0 (AJAX) enhancements to improve the user experience (prototype, RJS)
  • REST API, Web Services
  • Generating mail - ActionMailer
  • Extending rails (generators, plugins, engines, ruby gems)
  • Deploying rails - how to deploy into production (server options, capistrano)
  • Enterprise deployment using JRuby - JRuby basics, how to deploy a Rails application in an environment with an existing enterprise java codebase. Harnessing the productivity of Rails while leveraging the existing codebase and infrastructure.
  • Using enterprise features with Rails - distributed transactions (JTA), message queues (JMS), EJB, creating PDFs with XSL-FO

Friday night - Social / Networking dinner

Although not officially part of the workshop, all attendees are invited to a social/networking event with dinner and beverages Friday evening after the workshop. We'll kick back and enjoy some lively discussions and conversations into the evening. Dinner and beverages are at your own expense but the conversation is always free. Details will be announced.

Partial attendance

While attendees will get the most out of the workshop if they can attend all three days, we understand that sometimes this is just not possible. So yes, by all means join us for whatever part of the workshop that you can attend. We will do our best to make sure it is time well spent. You can refer to the agenda above to get a rough idea what we intend to cover each day.

Refund Policy

Prior to two weeks before the workshop, contact us for a 100% refund. Within two weeks before workshop, you have three options:

  • Substitute another attendee in your place
  • Use the credit towards a future Inspired Horizons event
  • Receive a 50% refund

Bring a laptop

In order to get the most out of this interactive hands-on workshop you will need a laptop to be able to follow along and build rails applications together. You will gain experience by working through the lesson exercises and you might want to even dabble on your own projects with mentors close by to assist when needed. Wireless internet access will be provided for attendees. Remember to bring your power adapter unless you have sufficient battery power.

We will provide installation instructions so that you will be able to get your environment ready in advance of the course, but if you have any problems installing, we'll resolve them quickly at the start of the class.

Payment Options

To pay for your registration fee we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks, and government purchase orders. If you want to use a check, use our normal registration page to reserve a seat, and then mail your check along with the invoice and be sure to allow two weeks for processing. Contact us for instructions about using a government purchase order or if you have any other special circumstances. We will be happy to work with you.

Portions of the proceeds go to charity

Mike and Jeff are firm believers of giving back to the community and to that end, portions of the proceeds from the training course go to support various charities like Genesis Ministry.

If you have any additional questions

If you have any additional questions or are in a unique situation, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss everything with you. You may contact us by clicking here or give us a call by clicking on the image below.