Jeff Barczewski

Jeff Barczewski Jeff Barczewski is the founder of Inspired Horizons and a trainer teaching Node.js, javascript, and HTML5 courses. Jeff has over 25 years of professional experience engineering solutions for large and small companies utilizing the latest OO and web development technologies available (including Node.js, javascript, HTML5, Ruby, Rails, Java, ASP, C++). Jeff will passionately demonstrate why Node.js is simply the best web framework for building web applications today and how to get maximum productivity using it. Jeff recently created Codewinds site where he delivers the latest web developer training on Node.js, javascript, and HTML5 with a blog, podcast, premium training videos and webinars.


Company Information

Inspired Horizons is a Missouri Corporation specializing in Ruby on Rails / JRuby training and consulting.

Our business office is at

7 Silvercreek Ln
Ballwin, MO 63011-3435